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ThePandaPapers offers academic writing help in your area of study if you need to buy argumentative essay online. Each essay is produced specifically for you, based on given requirements, and includes the most up-to-date research, correctly credited according to the most recent style guidelines. Your essay will be in the hands of responsible writers. No need to worry about lateness anymore. Issues about plagiarism, poor grammar, and weak thesis statement are all solved if you buy argumentative essay online


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If you order argumentative essay from Us, you have the opportunity to learn the tips to write a good argumentative essay without experiencing any struggles. Let’s first have a quick review of the basics. What’s an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that presents a lengthy defense of a certain thesis point. The author develops an evidence-based argument for their position on their topic. The most popular sort of essay written in university is an argumentative essay.

An argumentative essay's goal is to create a viewpoint or opinion on a topic by presenting reasoning and evidence to back it up. A well-written argumentative essay will have the following features:

  1. Engage the reader by introducing an engaging subject
  2. Explain and fairly evaluate all sides of an issue
  3. Address any possible counterarguments to the writer's viewpoint and Persuade the reader to accept or contemplate a new viewpoint.

What should you not miss in your argumentative essay?

  1. A clear thesis statement showing what your essay is all about.
  2. A logical flow of ideas addressed in form of paragraphs, each representing a unique idea.
  3. Examples or analogies representing the idea you are supporting with the thesis statement

How to Structure Argumentative Essay

While writing an essay, you should make sure to have the essay structured the correct way. We recommend you to have an instruction part, body, and the conclusion part of the essay. How should you approach the three part? See our guideline below.

Argumentative essay introduction

In an argumentative essay, a solid introduction is similar to a good opening statement in a trial. A writer, like a lawyer, must convey the topic, provide context, and make the primary argument in a logical, intelligent, and convincing manner.

Start with a catchy hook

Begin your introduction with a line that piques the reader's attention. You may start with a quotation, a personal tale, a shocking statistic, or an intriguing question to stimulate the reader's attention.

If you're arguing that smoking should be banned in all public places, for example, you can begin by citing a statistic from a credible source: "According to the World Health Organization, tobacco use kills more than ten million people every year, more than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria." While introducing the essay's subject, this method draws the reader's attention.

Introduce Your Topic to The Readers

Readers will be better able to comprehend the topic if they are given background information on the subject. This knowledge may help to clarify and argue the claim by providing context and history. If you're arguing that the United States should never have a military draft, for example, your introduction may contain information about the draft's history and the circumstances that led to its abolition.

Include a thesis statement in your introduction

An argumentative essay's thesis statement is its defining feature. It sums up everything you are attempting to say in a single, concise statement. The thesis statement should take a stance on a certain topic, one that the reader may be able to debate with. Therefore, the thesis cannot be a fact. If your professor assigns you an essay about war, for example, you might write a thesis statement like this: "The United Nations must be redesigned since it is presently incapable of avoiding conflicts." The remainder of your essay is dedicated to explaining and proving your thesis statement.

Have Points to Support the Body

Three or more paragraphs are normal for an argumentative essay in which you explain why you believe something to be true. There should be a topic sentence in each body paragraph that explains why the reader should agree with your perspective and covers a new notion or piece of evidence than the previous one. You may provide evidence to support your arguments, such as instances from your own experience or from outside sources such as books, articles, and other sources cited in the text. Disprove or explain why you disagree with opposing points of view. In order to acquire the confidence of a reader, you need to provide facts and examine a subject from every viewpoint.

Write a Good Conclusion

The section is described as a paragraph that reaffirms the thesis and sums up all of the arguments in the body paragraphs. While facts and arguments are important, a strong conclusion will focus on appealing to the reader's emotions instead. An anecdote from a personal experience may be used in certain circumstances to demonstrate how a subject affects the writer.

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